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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Red Poppies Renku

On a poetry list called 'poneme' (owned and operated by Jennifer Crawford) we have started a renku. I had the honour of writing the hokku and setting it up as a summer kasen renku, and setting some boundaries. If you truly get into renga/renku, there are a million and one rules, so we're being light on control here. The main aim is to create - and to have fun. The participants are (in order of linking) Andrew Burke, Jen Crawford, Louise, Lawrence Upton, Kristin Hannaford, Jennifer Compton, Heather Matthew and Jill Jones. What a diverse bunch of talented people, so the renku is bound to be a firecracker. I have their permission to send you updates as it grows. It will be 36 stanzas at the finish, by the way. Here it is so far ...

Red Poppies

red poppies
lean into steam
off the wet path

in the fernery
fingers press sweating glass

fierce heat fades
evening twilight glows
a pink line

a fly stumbles
at a water glob

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