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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bad Boys make Good Copy

When poets fall out, in our times, only lawyers could profit. And maybe publishers ... Go see the reaction of one Queensland academic to John Kinsella's latest prose book at


michaelf said...

great collage - tho the colours inappropriate? i find it hard to think of as a written book in a sense .. more of a manifestation .. can we get beyond the idea of sex/drugs as bad?

Andrew said...

Yes, the collage was good - and the likeneses ... but I didn't notice the colour until the pointed it out. Not quite the Aboriginal flag but certainly close - but why? Doesn't seem to have any relevance to the story.

'Sex/drugs as bad' was certainly not my slant - my heading was ironic: the newspapers only interest was in the 'bad boy' angle, nought to do with lit or poetry. But there again, so was the book. John says he only did it for the money, and when things are only worth cash, they are not worth much. Sex is only good when its dirty, as Woody Allen says :-) & drugs can save lives as well as take them. (I'm being flippant about sex. It can, of course, be a wonderful expression of the highest forms of love in a relationship.)