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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Footy as Religion

This striking image, brilliantly conceived and created by AFL Record art director Sam Russell, depicts a phantom ‘Last Supper’ – of footy pies washed down by Coca-Cola and Powerade – attended by the captains of this year’s finalists.

From left to right are Bulldog Brad Johnson, Saint Luke Ball, Eagle Chris Judd, Swan Barry Hall, Crow Mark Ricciuto, Magpie Nathan Buckley, Demon David Neitz and Docker Peter Bell. Fittingly, Hall shares centre stage with the prized cup he and his mentor, Paul Roos, held aloft last year, while his envious counterparts – of whom, only Ricciuto and Bell have previously had their hands on the silverware – attempt to glean from Hall the wisdom and knowledge required to win it all.

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