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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Back in Perth - Yippee!

So, here's the latest ABC News - of interest to booklovers ...

ABC Radio National
Books and Drama newsletter
28 November - 5 December 2008

29/11/2008 15:00
04/12/2008 15:00
A Disquieting Muse: the poetry of Charles Simic, America’s 15th poet laureate
America's 15th poet laureate reflects on his life as a poet and reads a selection of favourite poems.

29/11/2008 15:45
04/12/2008 15:45
Alias DA
David Astle is a cruciverbalist, a crossword setter; one 'lodged happily down the gnarly end' of the cryptograms that are published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. He tells how it all came about in this edited version of a far longer and more detailed inside story, published in the literary and cultural journal, Meanjin.

30/11/2008 08:30

Switchback by Ronald Frame, read by Peter Webb, produced by Gillian Berry

A man's return to Eastern Europe brings back unsettling memories of both relationships and politics.
30/11/2008 15:35
Crossing by Rosie Barter, read by Ksenja Logos, produced by Mike Ladd
An innocent outing becomes a frightening ordeal.

30/11/2008 15:00
Beach - Part 5 by Timothy Daly, narrated by William Zappa, performed by the 2006 NIDA Graduates, produced by Anne Wynter
Much of our history has taken place on the beach, from Captain Cook to Gallipoli, from legal arrivals to illegal drop-offs during the night; from shark attacks to the death of a prime minister and the stalking and murder of innocent children. This is not one beach, it is all of them. This five part series weaves back and forth over nearly 250 years of our national history and the multitudes of characters who populate the beach.

Monday to Friday 10:00am (repeated at midnight)

National Poetry Slam
Literary critic Harold Bloom called it the 'Death of Art' but to some poets, slamming has given poetry a new life. From its beginning in Chicago in the 1980s, this cabaret style word duel has spread around the world -- including to Australia. The finals for the National Poetry Slam are coming up and we're going to flavour some of the contestants' word wizardry.

Doing Life: A biography of Elizabeth Jolley
Using the full access he was given to her private papers, as well as his own extensive research, Brian Dibble explores how life and art intersect in Elizabeth Jolley's work.

Peter Stothard, editor of the Times Literary Supplement

Taboos in literature
It’s 50 years since the controversial novel Lolita was published and Nabokov said that there were only three taboos in literature: incest, inter-racial marriage and atheism. What is taboo now?

Monday to Friday 2.00pm
1/12/2008 - 26/12/2008
Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton


This is the final of our series of books published in 1948—the same year the ABC broadcast its first Book Reading—books that brought a new perspective on some world-changing social issues: in this case, race. It is a powerful indictment of a social system that drives the native races into resentment and crime; it is a story of inevitable and relentless fate. Beautifully wrought with high poetic compassion, Cry, the Beloved Country is more than just a story, it is a profound experience of the human spirit. And beyond the intense and insoluble personal tragedy, it is the story of the beautiful and tragic land of South Africa: its landscape, its people, its bitter racial ferment and unrest.

Monday to Friday 10.45am
1/12/2008 - 12/12/2008
Name Dropping: An Incomplete Memoir written and read by Kate Fitzpatrick, produced by Justine Sloane Lees


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