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Thursday, June 11, 2009

On Chapman Hill

Ah, walking in the bush brushes away the city cobwebs in a second. Lots of rain here in recent days, but sudden sunshine breaks through the clouds and warms up our limbs before the rains come again. As the house runs on rainwater, the water is very welcome, and I'm certain the farmers hereabouts are cock-a-hoop. More photos of beautiful native plants to come, but everytime I've ventured forth I've had three dogs with me, two on leads, so taking photos is not easy! I could press the shutter button with my nose I s'pose ...

Also a poem waits in the wings which I've been writing on and off for a week now. Draft after draft is titled 'final draft' until I look at it again, or read it out aloud to the birds who sing better than I ever will.

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Frances Sbrocchi said...

Hi Andrew, I do drop by--loved the pics and poem. Fran