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Saturday, August 29, 2009

From Nov 13, 2006 and Notes on the Poetry Festival and National Poetry Week

Snap: Learning & Teaching

no poem is perfect
i keep telling myself
but in a whisper
hoping i won't hear.

This first verse was from a slightly longer snap, written way back in China. Shawna, a reader, pointed it out to me.

The Perth Spring Poetry Festival started last night, launched by Phillip Mead, with Chair of WA Poets Inc Peter Jeffery organising, MCing, and being the busybee he has been for decades for the furtherment of WA poets and poetry. Others on the bill last evening included Maureen Sexton, Graham Nunn (guest of the fest), Helen Hagemann, Vivienne Glance, Patrick Scott-Mitchell, Roland Leach and Gary De Piazzi. A reading elsewhere later, in Victoria Park, featured Sue Clennell, Peter Bibby and others. I could only attend the launch, and even then I forgot my camera, so there are no pics to show you.

As part of it all, AnnaMarie Weldon visited Applecross High School during the day, and I visited Carine High School. Both schools were eager and responsive communities. Thanks to the teachers and students who participated.

The Festival runs all this weekend, with National Poetry Week events happening at school, libraries and other centres all next week. Look up the WA Poets Inc website for a full program.

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