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Thursday, September 03, 2009

My visit to ECU Bunbury today (for National Poetry Week)

Dr Donna Mazza, author and academic, arranged for a poetry workshop and reading down at ECU Bunbury today. I enjoyed every minute of it - well, I'm like that with an audience, aren't I. The audience was mainly from the local campus, but a small number of people did come from Margaret River and Busselton, etc. I was flattered that people would drive out of their way to hear me.

My new book, Beyond City Limits, did sell well, so I was doubly pleased.

Pics: The small crowd are reading entries in the instant poetry competition, which Donna organised great prizes for. And the formal photo shows myself, the boss Robert Irvine, and the indefatigable Donna Mazza.


Michael and Miriam said...

Andrew - have been trying to get hold of you to tell you how much I enjoyed your book *Beyond City Limits*. Such a dry, wry voice.

Thank you!

from another DIY poet,

Miriam Lo.

Andrew said...

Miriam, I'd love to be in contact. My email is burkeandre(at)gmail(dot)com