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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Little Creatures (instant poem)

Last night a brown frog
under thin moonlight
in the circle of
a green hose wound up.

Today my wife's sandal
near takes the back half
of a brown gecko off

by the delicatessen
where the workmen buy
pies and flavoured milk.

Now same bee
as yesterday seemingly
walks up to my barefoot
on the hot driveway
saying, Not you again.

Little creatures so
honest in their lives,
so vulnerable in ours

PS: On another site, a friend has suggested knocking off the last verse. Whaddya think?


Coral Carter said...

I agree...C

Andrew said...

Thanks, Coral and others through email. I'll take the big step and chop it off. A couple of other small changes too. Just a small poem, but I am fond it its simplicity.