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Monday, February 15, 2010

Every Saturday at Perth Poetry Club - readings at The Moon. Guest poet for 20 Feb. is MAGS WEBSTER


aytovusallen said...

This looks great! I'm not here for the reason of attending the poetry club in Perth, as I'm over the other side of the continent, but I've just had a book of poems published and have been feeling completely terrified at all the publicity things I'm supposed to be doing, while my gut feeling is urging me to hide in the nearest suitably-sized box. I want to thank you for making me feel more at ease. Here's a link to my one and only book - my word, I hope I can continue on and write more, as you have, Jim, but at present the whole 'book' process has killed my poems stone dead. Have you ever had that happen, or can you carry on regardless? I'd love to know, if you get a minute to reply. From a budding kindred spirit near Gympie, thanks for listening (or reading, should I say). Here's the book address, please don't think I'm cheeky - I even have to buy my own raffle tickets as I hate pushing anything on anyone. :(

Very best wishes to you - wish I could attend your club, but I'd better get on with trying to find similar over here. I could do with the moral support for a start!


aytovusallen said...

Re my previous comment, I mean 'Andrew', not Jim! I'd just been looking at Jim's photos on Panoramio and have had a brain malfunction. Typicial of me, especially before midday. A thousand apologies. Now for a cup of 'wake me up coffee', me thinks...