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Monday, May 24, 2010

Letter from Pam Brown

Dear friends and poetry fans,

I am in the midst of what in mediaspeak is called a year of ‘downtime’and because of this unexpected circumstance I am writing to let you know that, unusually, there will be no book launch party for my new collection of poems, 'Authentic Local'.

The adventurous independent publisher, Papertiger Media, has recently published this slim volume as part of its ‘soi3 modern poets’ series.

As the book won’t be available at a booklaunch, I'd like to ask you to buy a copy of 'Authentic Local' at the inexpensive price of $20.95 (Austn) from the Papertiger Media website. It has totally secure payment facilities via paypal

Or, if you prefer to support your local bookshop - in Australia - gleebooks, Berkelouw’s, Ariel, Bray’s, Readings, Brunswick St, Polyester,Collected Works, Avid Reader, Dark Horsey and many others - please ask your bookseller to order your copy from the Australian distributor Dennis Jones and Associates -

Author: Pam Brown
Title: Authentic Local
ISBN: 978-0-9807695-1-7
Series: soi 3 modern poets
Language: English
Publisher: papertiger media inc
Pub date: 01 March 2010
Extent: 81pp
Height: 218mm
Width: 135mm
Thickness: 5.5mm
Format: Paperback


genevieve said...

Gee, Andrew, it sounds to me like Pam could do with a virtual booklaunch. A tour of blogs is in order.

Andrew said...

Please, expand on that, Genevieve. I am also thinking selfishly of my own new reprint, 'Mother Waits for Father Late', from Picaro Press. It would be good to get that out and about!

genevieve said...

I have a post drafted actually - it would be good if other blogs just took it up and ran with it.
Or she could be invited by blogs to be interviewed about the book, etc.
Not quite sure how that would work with poetry as you might end up mainly being interviewed by poets, who are more likely to hear about it anyway...!

I have simply put her photo and the book's, along with links to more info, into a post, as well as linking to your post here.
The rest would be up to Pam I think. Blog reviews would also be a possibility - not necessarily from me, as I'm a bit busy.

It is something they do in the States quite a lot. The blog tour involves people writing guest posts on other blogs, the introduction involving remarks on the upcoming title by said guest.

I could certainly talk further to interested parties about that last possibility.