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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poem: after sheila murphy’s ‘the reason I don’t want to is no reason at all’

the sun lights up the powerboard (the source)
of today there is little history (diaspora surrounds)
a set scene / only honeyeaters fly (still weather still)
silence of Sunday morn (end or beginning, depending)
priests have their work cut out today (nightclub girls sleep late)
the congregation is aged and dislikes change (she edits her sermon)
there is no pleasing everyone (down the ages)
even though the sun warms our backs (the source)
babies’ cries turn to laughter (that loving feeling)
mottled dog walks by the river / ibis fly from the wetlands (genesis)

first draft / sunday 18.7.2010

1 comment:

Amanda Joy said...

I really like this a lot Andrew!