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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Haikuleaks makes poems out of Wikileaks

Haikuleaks transforms some Wikileaks into haiku-shapes - not quite the real thing, but not even senryu - but fun. Here's just a smattering of them.

Trans-Atlantic Ties:
The Cases of Britain, France
and Germany.

He added that there
should be 'no blank checks, no checks
at all,' for Hamas.

They are being seen
as barometers for next
year's nationwide vote.

The vessels are met
either on shore or a short
distance off the coast.

The machines do not
operate well in non-air
conditioned spaces.

The forum would be
shaped with the broader picture
in mind, not just oil.

They also often
released hostages shortly
after their capture.

Post will be open
today for emergency
services only.

This does more than just
ensure that she has something
important to do.

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