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Monday, February 28, 2011

Apologies for Silence

My apologies - I've been off the air for a number of days while away, staying at Karri Valley Resort out of Pemberton in the South West of Western Australia. It was a throw back in time: no Internet access! No mobile phone access! Not even pigeon post ... No television either, but that's by the by.

We did have a million trees and soaring temperatures. Saturday, we went on a little train trip through the forest and Sunday walked the famous Tree Tops Walk in a Tinglewood forest in Walpole among trees 400 years old and a few older. They were massive! And we were walking about seven eights of their height - my wife was a little nervous cos the walkway was swaying but it was all very safe. In fact, the engineering was a point of amazement - I would have liked to see it being built! Maybe the WA tourism bureau has a doco on DVD ... Anyway, lots of photos of lots of trees - so I shall select a few and post them here for your amusement.

The weekend was spent there to celebrate June Carey's 75th birthday - so happy birthday once again, June. We had a wonderful dinner at the Karri Valley Restaurant to celebrate her birthday. Once again I finished the evening off with sticky date pudding - I'm so bloody predictable

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