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Monday, April 11, 2011

Melbourne Poets Union invites Submissions for Anthology

The Melbourne Poets Union is inviting


edited by Sue Stanford

Tea, wine and coffee are widely enjoyed forms of stimulation, comfort and perhaps addiction. The three occupy slightly different but extremely interesting positions in Australian culture.

The anthology will be a book of 46+ pages. It is open to submissions from MPU members and non-members.

All poems touching on the three beverages will be considered, but selection criteria include:

1) the poems should of high standard that ask to be read and re-read
2) the more centrally the poems deal with one of the beverages the better
3) it would be ideal if there was a range of mood including humour,
celebration, reflection and passion
4) shorter poems (20 -60 lines) will be more likely to be selected
5) it is unlikely that more than one poem per poet will be selected

- MPU is not looking for first rights. Submitting poets are welcome to look for publication elsewhere while their work is under consideration
- The editor is happy to work with poets to polish promising poems
- At present we cannot offer payment other than a copy of the anthology
- Notification of consideration of acceptance mid-year 2011
- Publication planned after Dec 2011

Email Submissions:
Place ‘Attention Sue Stanford’ in the subject heading of the email.

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