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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dave Brubeck, RIP.

Dave Brubeck died yesterday, 5th December, 2012.
This is a very good live version recorded in Belgium of his quartet's famous hit, Take Five, composed by his saxophonist, Paul Desmond.

Dave Brubeck, 1954

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Lawrence Upton said...

Interview by Paul Gambacini however you spell it -- not like that! has Desmond saying w-e--l---l maybe he wrote it... I asked him to improvise on the rhythm and after a while he said he couldnt get anywhere [this is a very loose transcription] and i said what have you got and he played me what he had and i said well there are two good things there so see if you can put them together...

it went on like that
all in all one got the feeling that he didnt think that Desmond wrote it in any way but that he Brubeck did

but his tone said what the hell

I am a robot