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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

'My next poem' - by Max Richards

takes off from the park like a silent
helicopter lifting rapidly
to intoxicating heights
or a balloon under sure control -

away with adjectival
ballast! higher than kites,
readers freed with me from
burdensome selves - weightless -

and I, afflatus harnessed
to brain-basket's unforeseen
neuroplastic capacity -
no? - adjectives still deeply

problematical - can't they be
punctured and drained?
we're slewing badly in
erratic cross-draughts -

shouldn't nature be on side
after all this homage we paid?
all part of the joy-ride!
believe me? I insist -

list our benefits
perpendicular perspectives
pan-Pacific panoramas
swooping on all the images

ever dreamed of and more
from Gooligulch
to the Galapagos
and everywhere Googlable

images not just free floating
but in the service
of rarest intuition
and connectedness

metaphor mightily
melding weathers

outer and inner.
Watch out! above loom
thunderclouds verging
on thunderboltclapping

and in this basket
deep detonations
of discovery - what beats
in me beats in you.

The truest poetry
is the most niftily
aeronautical most

and lands you back again
refreshed in body-mind
in the park near home where
so recently you began.

- Max Richards
Melbourne poet

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You lifted us to such heights and continue to do so. RIP, Max.