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Thursday, May 08, 2014

eccolinguistics - call for submissions

eccolinguistics, printed paper stapled together exhibiting the finest production values, a little rag distributed to a list of subscribers and otherwise, tangible enough to hold in your hand, is at present looking for work

it appreciates being offended, it wants to not know (which is unfortunate), it loves deviance, and the less cultured the better, where more is always less 

interested in publishing all kinds of things, including visuals, fiction, developed theories, please, make it literary, if you must, we love nonfiction, poetry is the aquifer

no little row of tombstones, eclectic, credited work will be distributed or equitably juxtapositioned according to chance operations, producing fluid petrified patterns, common page, bedbugs

social to capital, unknown to celebrity, snake to hawk, worm to flower, wreckage to heritage, each issue is a never-before-seen ecosystem bursting with aesthetic priorities, contributors are its life    

our guiding voice says
ad nauseam, fuck me
the place
(but not really)(contributors are its life)
the image above
solicits the meteor’s
for new amino acids 

terra firma covered
Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Uganda, UK, US

terra firma sought

which is to say, we work to get your work read, subscriptions are free, no questions asked as
hard copy only, send work and

or address

eccolinguistics // hotmail // com

269 North Transit Street
Lockport, NY  14094

eccolinguistics is an aspect of
delete press

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