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Monday, January 18, 2016

WESTERLY 61.1 Open for Submissions Now

We have now opened submissions online for our next issue, which will take up the theme of renewal in Indigenous writing and culture. The issue will be guest edited by Stephen Kinnane.
Indigenous issues in Western Australia have become prominent nationally and internationally in recent years, often focused on many of the significant challenges to Indigenous cultural, social, political, heritage and economic realities. Occurring in parallel with these challenges has been a growth in creative cultural output in the areas of art, media, history, literature, language and law. This issue’s theme of renewal looks to enable Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors to speak to these changes through creative writing, poetry, literary non-fiction, art and multimedia.
Submission to this issue is open to all Australian authors, with particular focus on Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander authors, across all literary forms.
We are seeking essays (max. 5,000 words), creative non-fiction (max. 3,500 words), fiction (max. 3,500 words) and poetry (max. five per submission, max. 50 lines per poem). Photo essays and pitches for short reviews will also be accepted, (please contact Dr. Catherine Noske). We encourage all authors submitting to familiarise themselves with Westerly and its contents prior to doing so. Authors will be paid for published work.
Please submit online, at
Submission closes on March 31st, 2016.
For all further enquiries, please contact

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