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the alien anthology
Call for Poems
This is a call for poems, in English and in Chinese, for an anthology of science fiction poetry, to be published, hopefully in 2018-2019 (probably by ASM in China and Flying Islands in Australia). The collection will be fully bilingual – so all of the Chinese-language poems will be translated into English and published as parallel text, and all of the English-language poems will be translated into Chinese and likewise published as parallel text.
The editors of the collection are Kit Kelen and Fei Chen, who will together be coordinating the translation processes as well.
Depending on the nature of the material we collect initially, we may also take the collection and translation process onto a blog for the purpose of allowing poets and poems to respond to each other across languages/cultures.
The idea of a 'science fiction' poetry collection is very broadly conceived. Without wishing to limit the imagination of contributors, topics poets might wish to consider for their submissions include:
- space travel
- time travel
- alien cultures and contacts
- alien languages and human-alien communication
- robots, androids, cyborgs, AIs
- other world geography
- speculations on origins of various kinds
- large philosophical/theological/mythological questions relating to all of the above
- utopic and dystopic allegorical possibilities
- speculations about technology and pure and applied sciences as relevant
 - apocalyptics
- parables and allegories of contemporary relevance
As the anthology is cross-cultural in conception, it has something of an unavoidable we/them or us/other aspect. In other words, the parallel text formatting cannot help but present inter-cultural communication as a thematic concern. So this is something contributors may wish to consider in crafting materials to submit.
Please feel free to canvas any questions you might have about the appropriateness of the material you plan.
Please send contributions in word file attachments (in English or Chinese) to
Kit Kelen at
Fei Chen at

The deadline for contributions is December 1st, 2017.

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