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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Prime Prynne

'To write and eat at the same table' is harder than it sounds.
- J H Prynne

(Thank you, Christopher Walker)

I have never found Prynne clearer.


genevieve said...

Amen to that - what a sensible person. And also to eating while you write. I am getting thicker around the waist as we speak.

Andrew said...

Is a haiku a cherry on top? a sonnet a side salad? A folk tale a lamb chop? A roast dinner a novel? and a triptych a three-course meal? For every hour of writing a ten minute exercise routine is mandatory, (I should practise what I preach).

genevieve said...

Oh, that's lovely. I might print that out to stick on the side of the bookcase I think. Gave myself a headache hunching over the computer the other day.
The exercise is happening - tomorrow, I think.