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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gibb River Rip Rap

Solidity of bark, leaf, or wall
riprap of things
- Gary Snyder

Out in the prickly yard
first day of this stay
at Gibb River Station
in the red dessert
of The Kimberley
I hunt rocks to
build a barbecue
lifting and wheeling
brown rocks
big and small
to a burnt circle
by the wire fence
interlopers on this landscape
Jeanette wearing her
Chinese ‘Tree of Life’ dress
our lives riprapped together
our histories
balanced precariously
like these ragged rocks
holes so evening breezes
can aerate
it is burning with birth

(Last line from Buddha's Fire Sermon
and every second line is indented, but I can't get Blogger to do that.)

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