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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My books, my friends

Coming back from a long time away in a land largely devoid of the latest English book titles to buy, I landed in Perth eager to catch up on books published in the last year or so by friends especially. I've been hopping like a frog on speed from book to book over the last couple of days, so I can't really give you an in depth review of each, but at least I will list them:

Dennis Haskell's 'all the time in the world' is published by SALT, as is Tom Shapcott's The City of Empty Rooms. When I was in China, I received an invitation to the welcome party for Fay Zwicky's New Poems, entitled Picnic, published by Giramondo Poets (Giramondo Publishing Company). My novelist friend Brenda Walker also had a title out, which I received no publicity about and only found while daydreaming along the shelves - The Wing of Night (Penguin), a novel about the ramifications of Gallipolli on two soldiers' wives.

So, I may be quiet for some days, reading friends' books in the gentle sunshine of mid-winter in Western Australia. Ah, it is true luxury.

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