Saturday, July 25, 2009

'New Tricks' group writes Six Word Stories

In my Wednesday writing group, calleed New Tricks and held at Tom Collins House from 6.30pm each Wednesday, we had a go at Hemingway's famous six word short story project. His was masterful:

For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.

With that as our benchmark, we sat in thoughtful silence and composed our works. In no particular order, here are some of our efforts:

Fate - Not for the feint hearted. (David)

Broken wing. Broken lives. Fragile glue. (Jeanette)

Wanted: Unwanted dog for lonely widow. (Denise)

Stop breathing. Not blue. Black (Jean)

Thin skins. The art of rejections. (Carolyn)

Marriott doors blew open. Last orders (Andrew)

Come join us any Wednesday! More info at FAWWA 9384 4771 or burkeandre(at)gmail(dot)come

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