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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My next novel awaits in the wings at NaNoWriMo

I've just signed up for writing 50 000 words in November at

Yes, a first draft of a novel in one month. A hell of a lot of people sign up, but I wonder how many people complete it. I wonder if I'll complete it. I've been flashing at false starts for weeks now, so this may get a bulk of words down which I can then shape into something useful. Literary fiction, general fiction, YAL, pulp fiction - who cares. I plan to board my Inner Critic somewhere else for November. Even here, I am editing as I write. So, 50 000 in one month should cure me of that.

Won't you join me?

1 comment:

Coral Carter said...

Andrew I have signed up but as I have never really thought about writing a novel it will be a challenge!!