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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Best Australian Poems 2009 Edited by Robert Adamson

In The Best Australian Poems 2009, award-winning poet Robert Adamson puts together a selection of the most outstanding poems written by Australian authors over the past year. Alongside renowned names, the editor has solicited contributions from new and emerging poets and some of their work appears in print here for the first time. The result is a vibrant and fascinating edition of this much-loved anthology.

Available now.

A. Frances Johnson
Adam Aitken
Adrienne Eberhard
Alan Wearne
Alex Skovron
Ali Cobby Eckermann
Alicia Sometimes
Amanda Joy
Andrew Slattery
Anne Elvey
Anthony Lawrence
Astrid Lorange
Barry Hill
Berndt Sellheim
Carol Jenkins
Chris Edwards
Chris Wallace-Crabbe
Claire Gaskin
Clive James
Craig Sherborne
David Brooks
David McCooey
David Musgrave
Debbie Lim
Derek Motion
Dorothy Porter
Elizabeth Campbell
Fay Zwicky
Felicity Plunkett
Fiona Wright
Geoff Page
Geoffrey Lehmann
Gig Ryan
Ivy Alvarez
J.S. Harry
Jan Owen
Jane Gibian
Jaya Savige
Jayne Fenton Keane
Jeltje Fanoy
Jen Jewel Brown
Jenni Nixon
Jennifer Harrison
Jennifer Maiden
Jessika Tong
Jill Jones
Joanne Burns
Johanna Featherstone
John Leonard
John Tranter
Judith Beveridge
Judith Bishop
Kate Fagan
Kate Middleton
Ken Bolton
Kent MacCarter
Kerry Leves
Kevin Hart
L.K. Holt
Larry Buttrose
Laurie Duggan
Les Murray
Lia Hills
Lisa Gorton
Louise Waller
Lucy Dougan
Luke Davies
Mandy Beaumont
Maria Takolander
Mark Tredinnick
Martin Harrison
Matt Hetherington
Meg Mooney
Meredith Wattison
Michael Brennan
Michael Farrell
Michelle Cahill
Michelle Leber
Pam Brown
Paul Kelly
Peter Minter
Peter Porter
Peter Rose
Petra White
Philip Salom
Robert Gray
Robyn Rowland
Ron Pretty
Rose Lucas
Sarah Day
Sarah Holland-Batt
Sarah K. Bell
Shevaun Cooley
Stephen Edgar
Stuart Cooke
Susan Fealy
Susan Hawthorne
Susan McCreery
Thomas Shapcott
Tim Thorne
Vivian Smith

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