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Sunday, November 01, 2009

2009 Spilt Ink OOTA Poetry Competition - Short List

I had the privilege recently to judge the OOTA 2009 Poetry Competition, named Split Ink. Here is the short list of finalists from which three prize winners have been selected and will be announced at a Gala Evening on Thursday, November 12th, at X-Wray Cafe, Essex Street, Fremantle.

Congratulations to the following poets -

Annamaria Weldon- Light and dark flow together
Cecily Scutt - Laboratory Class
Dick Alderson - Old Spoon
Flora Smith - Midnight House and Fifth Generation
Janice Withers - A Fat, Lying Thief
Josephine Clarke
- Snake
Kevin Gillam - gliss and what the living do
Mags Webster - Prognosis
Molly Hall - Orange
Rose van Son - Dinner after the Synagogue

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