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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Damn - Forgot the Camera!

The Perth Poetry Club reading this afternoon at The Moon Cafe went well. It was poetry all sorts with improv poet Belowsky vying with the attractive young lady Caitlin; Mike T and Steve in the traditional bag with Ron Okely; there was Frances reading her well turned verses and a young lady who read in public for the very first time, reading her Bi-Centenary poem and signing up for more information; there was the convener and first half compere, Janet Jackson, happy to be back at PPC for 2010, followed by Neil Pattinson, compere of the second half and final poet on the afternoon, with rhythmic rants that work well as performance pieces. And in among it all I read two ten minute sets, mainly from my current title, Beyond City Limits (ICLL @ ECU, 2009). My long time friend Maggie Van Putten also read, one of her two poems from the corner of Jack Kerouac Lane - great to see friends from times gone by, isn't it. And that includes Shane Macauley, eminent poet and co-editor of Indigo magazine.

Nobody but nobody had a camera. Awk! How frustrating. My camera sat at home, forgotten. So no recording of this afternoon's show but great memories for us who were there. And there were at least thirty people there, in the hot back room at The Moon.

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