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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Humoreske' - by Halvard Johnson

Are we inside the frog or outside? To say the least,
it makes for diverse and enjoyable living.
Just off the road to

wherever it was we were going,
very few poets, reading over
your shoulder. Transformed pre-trance

formations, the first I’d ever
heard of. Natural dis-

Marginally pond-bound
exceptional infur-

* * *

Halvard Johnson has been on this blog before. His wit and way with words appeal to me and when I once asked him for a 'poetic', he replied:
'Mostly I can't really explain how poetry works/gets written. It just does.'

Search this blog for more, then google him - He has an entire book online at which is entertaining reading - he takes the sonnets out for a spirited walk!

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