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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Edwin Morgan RIP

Edwin Morgan was a continuing influence on me from his witty concrete poems, free-wheelin' early poems, Glasgow Sonnets, and on. A wonderfully inventive poet who kept evolving as all great poets should. A full and rich creative life right up until the end. A sad loss but so great to have had him on the planet for so long.

The Guardian said:
Edwin Morgan was a singular voice in a country with a literary tradition rich in singular voices. He managed to be both an outsider and an academically respected writer who rose to be one of the best of his time; a defender of the underdog and the individual who was nationally lauded when, in 2004, he was elected the first Scots Makar, the Scottish Parliament's equivalent of Poet Laureate. It was a position that formally recognised Morgan as the national treasure many had already long since viewed him as.

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