Monday, August 09, 2010

Martin Duwell's generous blog: Australian Poetry Review

Martin Duwell is my favourite Australian poetry critic. In fact, he is probably the most consistent voice addressing Oz poetry since his days reviewing for The Australian. He now does us all a great service by writing a blog with formal reviews of current titles. Here's a short list of recent titles he has examined, to whet yr appetite:

February, 2010: Laurie Duggan: Crab & Winkle (Exeter: Shearsman)

March, 2010: Martin Langford: The Human Project: New and Selected Poems (Glebe: Puncher & Wattmann)

April, 2010: Michael Farrell and Jill Jones (eds.): Out of the Box (Glebe: Puncher & Wattmann)

May, 2010: Sarah Day, Grass Notes (Blackheath: Brandl & Schlesinger)

June, 2010: Les Murray, Taller When Prone (Melbourne: Black Inc.)

July, 2010: On Holiday

August, 2010: Peter Boyle: Apocrypha (Sydney: Vagabond Press)

And it is all FREE. Go now and read the archives at

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