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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Kleinzahler's Workshop at MWF ...

At the Melbourne Writers Festival yesterday, August Kleinzahler conducted a workshop. This was the blurb for the event:

'This workshop will concentrate on the role of ‘voice’ in poetic practice. We all sound different from one another: background, family, place, education, reading and temperament all play significant roles in determining individual voice. The emphasis will be on locating or finding one’s way to one’s own poetic voice, exploring dramatic monologue, song, extemporaneous rant, personal argot, daily experience and the beat of what goes on in one’s own head. Please bring two poems that sound distinctly like you and no one else.'

Now, isn't that an element to aim at in every poem you write? I'm wondering which of my poems I would bring ... Hmmm, I'll post 'em here when I've thought about it long enough.

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