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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Contemporary Poetry Writing Workshops at Tom Collins House March-April 2010

When? 10am-12 noon Wednesdays for 7 weeks starting TOMORROW 2 March 2010.
Where? Tom Collins House, Swanbourne.

This course is for beginning poets and those with some experience. Explore contemporary poetry writing in a friendly group setting with experienced poet Janet Jackson as your guide.

With a series of writing activities, exercises and experiments we will release our poetic voices, finding inspiration in our surroundings, in other texts and art, and in randomness. We will discover and invent new connections and ideas. We will learn about form, content, voice, address and imagery. We will explore the music of words, how poets make them sing, sigh and cry.

We will also learn about editing and improving our poems to make them more beautiful, more satisfying and perhaps more publishable.

Participants will receive a booklet with example poems, information about techniques and activities, further reading and resources.

Course aims:

1. Participants will explore poetry writing through a progression of writing activities and techniques and by reading and hearing poetry from various periods and genres.
2. Participants will have opportunities to write in ways they may not have previously tried.
3. Participants will come away with drafts and ideas for new poems.
4. Participants will learn ways to improve their drafts by editing.
5. Participants will discover some of the resources available to poets locally, nationally and internationally.

Presented by Janet for the Fellowship of Australian Writers WA (FAWWA).

Cost per session: $33 for FAWWA members; $44 for non-members

Sign up with FAWWA at

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