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Monday, May 23, 2011

Cordite Submissions - Read on!

from the Editorial desk of Cordite, a very active and far-reaching Aussie online mag:

Dear Cordite subscribers,

just a very quick message to let you know the second part of our sprawling Oz-Ko special issue, showcasing poetry from Australia and the Republic of Korea, is now online.

Oz-Ko (Hoju-Hanguk) features forty new poems by contemporary Australian poets in English and hangul! Check it out:

We hope you enjoy the contents of the issue - part three, featuring poems by contemporary Korean poets in translation, will appear online in June.

Also, a reminder that while text and audio submissions for our next issue, Electronic(a) have now closed, we're still accepting submissions of multimedia works, including works of e-poetry, video poetry and such. Here's the full rundown:

Best wishes as ever ...


David Prater

Managing Editor
Cordite Poetry Review

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