Tuesday, September 04, 2012

LOVE - available now 33 poems by Frances Macaulay Forde

Before you…

… I slept in a bed
without creases
only pulled up
the sheet to straighten
smooth – no effort at all
ready for the next dreamtime
now I love my wrinkles…

Frances Macaulay Forde
I asked my friend Frances here if I could hijack her poem for this blog. and she generously said 'yes'. As it turns out, it is one of the poems in her latest publication, LOVE, a chapbook available HERE.

'Love' - a chapbook containing 33 poems
PRICE: $10 + $2 p&h
Click HERE


Evangelyne said...

Someone should invite Frances to the Perth Poetry Club to read her "love" poems. It would be great! HH

Frances Macaulay Forde said...

Thanks Helen,
Unfortunately these days, I'm usually working on the weekends. I do appreciate the thought though...