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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thanks to Kalgoorlie Writers Group and Mulla Mulla Press

Andrew Burke holding forth.

Goldfields Writers Group paying attention.

I spent this afternoon at William Grundt Memorial Library, reading poems from QWERTY (Mulla Mulla Press) and UNDERCOVER OF LIGHTNESS (Walleah Press, 2012). It was an intimate group of ten people, from a bush poet to a PhD candidate in Creative Writing - or should I put it the other way around? The questions were great and lead to good discussions. So thanks to the Goldfields Writers Group and Coral Carter and Terry who were my hosts. (I even sold a few books!)
Coral took me on a tour of the town, and it has changed over the years. Many an old pub has closed down and the old brothels have closed (all except one, I believe) - has religion hit the goldfields? No! It's just the shift in where to make the most money. It ain't in poetry, I can assure you - but then poetry is a 'gift economy', isn't it.

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