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Thursday, November 15, 2012

PCWC Glen Phillips' Poetry Prize Results for 2012

 1st Place: Jim Murphy - 'Domesticity'
2nd Place: Alison Flett - 'Tenebrae'
3rd Place: Christopher Race - 'On Final Things'

Highly Commended: Rafael Scomazzon Ward - 'An ugly convalescence'
Giancarla Curtis - 'Passing Through'
Kevin Gillam - 'sonnet breathing'
Rachel Freebury - 'They came'

Commended: Keren Gila Raiter - 'Days'
Jerry Dolan - 'For Jean'
Carmel Summers - 'The Fall'
C Millner - 'Under the Jacaranda'

Encouragement Award: Nicholas Langton - 'Poems are gifts'

Thanks to our 2012 judge, Jackson (aka Janet Jackson), for judging the competition in its inaugural year. Congratulations to the winning poets and thank you to all who entered the competition this year. The judge's report will be available on Peter Cowan Writers Centre website:

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