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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Richard Tipping's Photo Exhibition

Urban Animals #1
Slot Gallery, 38 Botany Road (near corner of Henderson Road) Alexandria/Redfern 2015

  • Phone-photos by Richard Tipping of animals and their images in the city, looking for poignancy and the mysterious more than simply documentation. This gallery is a window display only.

    See the photos and whimsical comments on:

    If you're in Sydney, the street's enjoyable to visit for six or seven shops with edgy collectables with a 50s 60s pedigree. Try the Wild Cockatoo Bakery next door; Kitty's fruit & veg across the road for dried persimmons; ArtHere photomedia space; and more.

    Exhibition dates: 21 January to 23 February.

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