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Monday, March 25, 2013

Geoff Page's '1953' verse narrative - review

"Geoff Page has written a rich-veined poetry novel entitled and set in 1953. I read it once over the course of many busy days and was so interrupted by daily events, I went back to it and read it again slowly, taking notes and writing comments. As a child, I picked flies to pieces and disrobed caterpillars, with much the same result. Maybe I’ll just tell you what I think."
Excerpt from 1953:

The people are from brush-strokes only;
We do not see their faces.
We recognise Akubras though,

bigger brims for smaller places.
We see the European trees
thirsting in the park

 though not the damage underneath.
We see the marble digger,
musing on his column.

- Geoff Page

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