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Friday, March 08, 2013

Spring Book Launch in Toronto

Many moons ago George Bowering, Canadian poet and author, came through Perth and Fremantle, when I lived there (most of my life!). It was some event with readings and a workshop, etc. Others present were Mark O'Connor, Lee Knowles, Alan Alexander, Wendy Jenkins, Andrew Lansdown, Shane McCauley, and ... my memory fails at that point.

After a workshop at Freo Arts Centre, we drove up Stirling Highway dropping in at many a hotel on our way back to UWA in Crawley. Jean Bedford, Australian novelist, joined us at one point - lovely people. This was one of those pleasant literary occasions that stay in your mind for many a year. I think of it every time I hear what George Bowering is up to - through the wonders of the electronic social media.

I wish I could just scoot over to Toronto now to say 'hello'. Perhaps poets should be awarded wings after a certain amount of time :-)

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