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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Warner critiques England's Ashes poem

Warner offers up scathing critique of Ashes poem
A poem commissioned (written?) by the ECB to be published on the opening day of the Ashes to commemorate the series has received a damning review from Australian batsman and poetry scholar Dave Warner.
"This is doggerel, not poetry," said Warner, folding his arms across his argyle sweater vest and thoughtfully creasing his well-furrowed forehead. "Frankly speaking, the imagery is of the schoolboy variety, the rhyming is gratuitous and trite, and don't even get me started on the rhythm."
The Australian batsman, who teaches an advanced poetry course on Ancient Greek Poetry (seventh to fourth centuries BC) at the University of Western Australia when he isn't playing cricket, is notorious for being a hard taskmaster when it comes to respecting the rules and strictures of orthodox poetry.
"If I met the person who wrote this tripe, why, I'd punch his lights out," thundered Warner. "And I don't mean metaphorically," he added, making air quotes with his hands.

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