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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Australian Love Stories 2014 now open for submissions

In the wake of the huge success of Australian Love Poems 2013, ed. Mark Tredinnick, Inkerman & Blunt Publishers has decided to create a trilogy of Australian love.

We want to explore love through the written word in all its versatility. Australian Love Stories 2014, edited by award winning author Cate Kennedy, will be proof that prose, as well as poetry, is capable of delving into the rawest truths and secrets about passion, infatuation and sensuality.

Editor Cate Kennedy is searching for stories that explore all aspects of amatory love: the dark and the light of it; the holy mess of it; the beginning and the end; the ferocity and tenderness; the way it unmakes us, as we make it; the emptiness it leaves when it leaves.
If you have a love story check out the submission guidelines. Remember, submissions must be unpublished, your own work, and submitted as a hard-copy postmarked no later than 28 February 2014.  Spcial resolutions to update

Poets & Performers at The Royal George, Albany

The Albany poetry scene is undergoing a revival and poets and performers are invited to book a spot for Saturday 19thOctober (7.45 – 9.30pm+). Events will also be held in November and December. 

To book or

Poets and Printmakers

Throughout 2013 the South West Printmakers of Western Australia have been working in collaboration with a group of poets from the WA Poets Inc. Though the process has had its challenges, the results have been exciting and rewarding. The exhibition of prints and poetry runs from 9th November - 21st January 2014 at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries.

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