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Friday, October 04, 2013

The Blues, Roots & Poetry - starts TONIGHT in Freo

Spring is here and the time is ripe for lyrics, verse, boogie and rhyme. Intellectual and aesthetic spirits are bursting forth in post-Election fervour and fever, and a new event is about to manifest itself – The Blues, Roots & Poetry evenings on Fridays at the Fremantle Workers’ Club, Henry Street Fremantle.

Starting Friday 4th October, we will be holding these events fortnightly, as far as the Club’s schedule allows.

Why not be part of the first audience on Friday 4th October? You’ll be able to say “I was there! I heard Amanda Joy read her Blake Prize entry, Belowsky belt it out and the first reading of Maitland Schnaars' Lake Ballard poem plus Mike Burns and Russ Corkhill play Dylan, Waits and their own amazing stuff. I watched it grow from its humble beginnings!”
Be yet another part of Fremantle History! First Night we’ll take a donation, after that, there’ll be a charge, but nowhere near the charge you’ll get from the images and colours of the evening.
Every week there’ll be special guests –musicians, poets, artists. And the Fremantle Workers Club will keep you fed, comfortable and victualled.
See you there!

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