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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Writers’ Workshops

What is a Writers’ Camp?writers
It’s a residential weekend for writers, where we run workshops (classes), readings and discussions. The program of workshops usually focuses on a mix of fiction and poetry writing. We will be running specialised camps in the future on picture books and masterclass poetry (including verse novels).
Phillip Island Writers’ Camp – May 2014 – Fiction and Poetry
Date: Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th May. Arrive and settle in after 3.00pm Friday. Last session will end with lunch on Sunday.
Place: The Island Accommodation, Newhaven, Phillip Island, Victoria. The Island’s website is HERE. The Island has a range of budget rooms. Rates for October will be $125 per night for a double/twin room, and $35-40 for shared rooms. We will provide more details when your booking is confirmed.
WhoKristin Henry and Sherryl Clark will be teaching the workshops.
Email Sherryl at for full details and an enrolment form!Or contact through
Friday evening, 6-8.30pm
Welcome, supper and activities.
Saturday, 9.30-12.30: Choose between
Short Stories – Does “what if” actually work in terms of generating story ideas? We’ll apply this question and a range of tools to come up with short stories you can write in the following week. Also suitable for short memoir pieces. (Kristin)
That’s the Breaks! – One of the things poets wrestle with the most is line breaks, and then  with stanzas. To break or not? Why? What does a line break actually do? Why do you need to make this a key focus in your poem writing and revision? (Sherryl)
Saturday, 2.00-5.00: Choose between
Self-editing and Revision – Does your revision need a sledgehammer, a chisel or a teeny screwdriver? This workshop will show you tools to revise and self-edit your fiction to a much higher level. (Sherryl)
Verse Novels and Sequences – Thinking of writing a series of poems or maybe venturing into a verse novel? We’ll look at what works and what you need to take into account, how to plan a cohesive group of poems. Also suitable for “life” poems. (Kristin)
5-6pm – Free time.
6-9.30pm – Dinner at a local venue and readings at The Island.
Sunday: 9-12Show, Don’t Tell – How many times have you heard this rule? We’ll show you how to really tackle this issue in your writing via a series of examples and exercises, whether you write poetry, fiction or memoir. Come prepared to read critically and write with gusto.
Lunch and farewell.
COST: The weekend will cost you $209 (incl GST) – this includes Saturday and Sunday  workshops, breakfasts and lunches. It does not include accommodation (so you can choose a share option or not). We have chosen a hostel-type accommodation to help make it affordable for everyone.
THERE IS A STRICT LIMIT ON NUMBERS. We can take only 30 people. If you want to book a place, do it now! Payment will be required by the end of February. Yes, we will have a waiting list. You need to email Sherryl at to book your spot. A full handout with more details will be sent when you enquire. 
For further enquiries, contact through

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