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Friday, January 02, 2015

David Orr’s 10 Favorite Poetry Books of 2014

"When it comes to annual best-books lists, poetry is the cat that wandered into the dog show. " - David Orr at The New York Times.

I'll just give you his list of the 10 Favourite Poetry Books (American) of 2014, then the address if you'd like to read his short blurb on each book.

Louise Glück, “Faithful and Virtuous Night.” 
Saskia Hamilton, “Corridor.” 
J. D. McClatchy, “Plundered Hearts: New and Selected Poems.
Joshua Mehigan, “Accepting the Disaster.” 
Gregory Pardlo, “Digest.” 
Kevin Prufer, “Churches.” 
Alan Shapiro, “Reel to Reel.” 
Arthur Sze, “Compass Rose.” 
Christian Wiman, “Once in the West.” .

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