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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Quick Question(s) at Jacket2

QUICK QUESTION: If you could ask someone just one question, what would it be? 
Quick Question turns this game into a reality. Asking quick but pressing questions of poets, scholars, students, and artists, Quick Question will publish 500-word responses to some of modern and contemporary poetry's most basic, urgent, compelling, or difficult questions. Multiple answers to single questions will be posted on a rolling basis in order to make space for multiple points of view and continuing conversations. 
Quick Question welcomes inquiries and submissions. To propose a question, suggest a respondent, or submit a response, please email Katie Price at 
When new acquaintances ask what I study, I often tell them, "poetry that doesn't look like poetry." Though my response might seem glib, the sentiment is sincere: I find myself drawn to poetry that unshackles that same term from its traditional denotation. The field of modern and contemporary poetry is full of language that doesn't behave: fixed forms are abandoned for open fields, words are rendered illegible, standardized grammar is disrupted, letters stray from counterparts that would give them meaning, the page is replaced by the screen, and nonsemantic sounds fill basement bars. So why do we still call it poetry? — Katie L. Price

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