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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

work & tumble - opportunities for poets

work & tumble welcomes submissions.
Our aim is to publish five titles per calendar year.
Of that five one will be drawn from our annual chapbook competition; one will be an anthology of individual poems; one will be a compilation of abstract propositions. Anyone is able to submit to these projects and people who believe themselves to be under-represented in the poetry mainstream are especially encouraged to submit.
Although we are based in Australia, we do not limit ourselves to publishing poetry from here or even across the Tasman. If you are a poet living and working anywhere in the world and think you would like to write a beautifully crafted chapbook aimed at a discerning and appreciative audience please contact us. We are always looking to discuss new possibilities.
We also publish a blog focusing on poetics. The blog is a good entry point and a way to help get your work out there. To submit to the blog send us an email with your proposal. We are not beholden to a particular style or length. If you have a 2000 word review we might be interested. If you have a 30 word manifesto we also might be interested. If you are another publisher of poetry and would like your books reviewed please feel free to get in touch too. We want to support the poetry ecosystem, network, rhizome as a whole.

Chapbook Competition - SUBMISSIONS OPEN FEB 1ST TO MAY 1ST
work & tumble’s ‘Chapbook Competition’ is an annual competition that will result in the publication of a chapbook. We are looking for one long poem or a suite of shorter poems that fits within a 20 page format. This is a chance for you to submit a single piece that a journal might overlook or a series of pieces that work together and that you don't want to split up. You can submit via email. Put 'ATTN Chapbook Competition' as the subject line.

work & tumble’s ‘Anthology Edition' is an annual anthology of the best individual poems that we have received during the submission period. We are looking for shorter pieces up to 30 lines. 3 poems per poet. You can submit via email. Put 'ATTN Anthology Edition' as the subject line.

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