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Friday, March 27, 2015

Andrea Keller/Miroslav Bukovsky live at 616

Listen to this if you're within broadcast range - or wherever you can! I'm not sure how far it can travel. But it is extremely good - which is to say I like it :-)

 2014 SIWJF 22 Andrea Keller and Miroslav Bukovsky
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Andrea Keller and Miroslav Bukovsky present their 'Komeda Project,' recorded live at the 2014 Sydney International Women's Jazz Festival.
Pianist Andrea Keller and trumpeter Miroslav Bukovsky recently formed an octet to perform their arrangements of film scores by the Polish jazz composer Kryzsztof Komeda. Komeda was a prominant film scorer and is known in particular for working closely with director Roman Polanski during the 60s. Komeda composed the scores for Polanski's 'Rosemary's Baby,' Fearless Vampire Killers' and 'Knife in the Water.' Sadly, Komeda died in an accident in 1968.
Keller and Bukovsky have taken a number of Komeda's compositions and reworked them for octet. They premiered their 'Komeda Project' at the 2014 Sydney International Women's Jazz Festival at Foundry 616, and the gig was recorded by RN's 'The Live Set.' The octet also did a studio recording with Gerry Koster for Jazz Up Late in 2014.

In the band

Andrea Keller; piano
Miroslav Bukovsky; trumpet
James Greening; trombone
Andrew Robson; alto saxophone
Ben Hauptmann; guitar
Erkki Veltheim; violin
Jonathan Zwartz; bass
Evan Mannell; drums

Tracks in this feature

1. 'Sleep Safe' (K. Komeda)
2. 'The Cavern' (K. Komeda)
3. 'Svantetic' (K. Komeda)
4. 'Cherry' (K. Komeda)
5. 'Themes from The Verdict' (K. Komeda)
All arrangements by Andrea Keller and Miroslav Bukovsky
Recorded by RN's 'The Live Set' with Alice Keith

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