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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review of Australian Fiction

Kim Scott, Brenda Walker, and 10 other WA authors in special volume of Review of Australian Fiction

Review of Australian Fiction is putting out a special volume to support writers from Western Australia following the recent announcement to halve funding for the Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards.

WA author, Laurie Steed, has been asked to curate this special volume of Review of Australian Fiction, which will contain six issues, written exclusively by Western Australian authors.
These authors are Kim Scott, Brenda Walker, David Whish-Wilson, Amanda Curtin, Susan Midalia, Natasha Lester, Nicole Sinclair, Josephine Clarke, Maria Papas, Liz Hayden, Yvette Walker, and Sam Carmody.

‘At times such as these, it’s important to show the State Government that enough people care about WA’s literary culture to make it essential to the state’s cultural prosperity,’ said Steed. ‘With backing from the Review of Australian Fiction, we hope to bring together not only those authors featured in this special volume, but any and all writers who have fought to legitimise their craft. Add in a country of passionate readers keen to see the continuing growth of Australian literature, and you have the bigger picture: a community of readers, writers and creators who deserve to celebrate their country’s best books, each and every year.’

The WA edition of Review of Australian Fiction will be volume 15, which will be rolled out from July through to September this year.

50% net of each digital issue/subscription goes directly to the authors in the form of royalty payments. So subscribing to Review of Australian Fiction is a way to support Australian authors.
Review of Australian Fiction, which was founded in 2012, publishes two stories every two weeks from Australia’s leading authors. Each digital issue includes a story by an established Australian author, with the second story in each issue being by an emerging Australian author, chosen by the established author.


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