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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Margaret Dooley Young Writers Award

Young woman writer
The Margaret Dooley Young Writers Fellowship is offered to support the development of young Australian writers aged 15–25.

The Fellowship will provide a unique opportunity for a young writer with an interest in current events, ethics and social justice to work with Eureka Street's editors on a series of columns, and to be paid upon publication at our professional rate of $200 per article.

During the three-month Fellowship, to run during the 2016 calendar year (exact timing to be negotiated between the writer and the editors), the writer will have the opportunity to submit six to ten articles, and to workshop them with the editors, with a view to timely publication.

Some amount of face-to-face contact time at the Eureka Street offices in Richmond, Vic., will be strongly encouraged, however where this is not practical engagement will be via Skype, phone or email. At the end of the three months, there will be opportunities to contribute to Eureka Street on an ongoing basis.

How to apply
Please submit a brief CV (maximum one page) including your date of birth and contact details, along with two previously unpublished articles that reflect the style and format of a Eureka Street article — i.e. each article should be:
  • 700 to 800 words long
  • topical
  • authoritative but 'non-specialist'
  • with an emphasis on ethics and social justice
  • and, most importantly, well written.
We highly recommend familiarising yourself with Eureka Street's content before submitting, in order to get a feel for the kinds of topics and angles we like.

Please email your CV and articles as three separate attachments to Include the subject line APPLICATION - MARGARET DOOLEY FELLOWSHIP. If you don't use this subject line your application will be missed.

Applications are open to all Australian writers aged 15 to 25 as of 31 July 2016, and close at midnight, 31 October 2015. The successful applicant will be contacted during November to discuss start dates for the Fellowship. Good luck and happy writing!

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