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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Early Autumn - poem

 you could almost call it
to have this so bright
        doona cover
     when we are speaking of
autumn     but we need the doona on
and that speaks volumes
     of change of season

leaves of yellow among green
     our old dog walks
freely now    as the cool air
     helps her breathe
                                 no panting
                                 up our stairs
short though they may be
cool     with just a touch
of rain     may the Murray River
     flow freely    grey clouds
reflected as birds squabble in the trees
          leaves collect in the roadside gutters
the street cleaner's whirling brushes
pile them up     until the scoop truck
      cleans up the township
only in mid autumn
      the coffee drinkers move
inside the cafes on Main Street
      school girls wear long skirts
boys in their jackets
      the school bus has new wipers
on its windshield    new  season
      brings with it new rules
autumn is a-coming in
      merrily sing cool-cool

- Andrew Burke

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